Welcome to the MastaStroke Tennis System, a highly structured and scientific way of coaching tennis.


Considered to be the best tennis learning system available anywhere in Australia, it is comprised of a series of progressions developing balance, grips, swing shapes and strategy. These organized progressions are designed to improve the skills of players of all ages or ability.


MastaStroke® Tennis System also embraces the Tennis Australia ANZ Hot Shots Program. This is a fun and exciting way to get into tennis, using modified courts, racquets and balls to “fast-track” technical and tactical development.


John Thorpe (Head Coach) is a Platinum Tennis Australia Talent Development Coach. After considerable audit of our programs and track record for coaching, Tennis Australia endorsed 8 Platinum Coaches and coaching environments across Australia. There are only 2 such coaches and environments in Western Australia, one of which is here at Dalkeith Tennis Club.


Each member of our teaching staff has accredited coaching qualifications and sound teaching experience. They are all good players, but more importantly they are also excellent communicators and able to pass on their knowledge to students.

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